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Past Performance Success Minimize

Assisted clients with establishing or restructuring employee benefit programs, employment policies and procedures, cultural transitions and performance programs.  Implemented Total Compensation programs. Approach employment practices with a win/win philosophy that builds stronger teams and promotes loyalty.

Human Resources

Companies in transition often consider out-sourced Human Resource services.  Flexibility and customization are two key reasons to use Bolder Business Solutions Ltd. We provide a full continuum of HR support ranging from very basic to very complex services.  We strive to constantly discover new and better ways to reduce liability and maintain employee satisfaction in the workplace.


  • Development of employment related policies and procedures            
  • Employee handbook creation and updates
  • Vacation and leave time management
  • Employee recruiting assistance
  • Job description formation
  • Background check verification
  • Implementation and management of employee appraisal process
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Development of employee benefit packages
  • Industry specific standards research
  • Employee and employer separation aid
  • Development and maintenance of organizational charts
  • Risk Management

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